Treating Coronavirus in Sewage

We are working with the South African government to find ways to target and eradicate raw sewerage in the townships and sewerage works in SA. This is as a result of receiving information from Japanese and other recent research that highlighted the fact that Coronavirus is carried and transmitted through faeces and raw sewerage. Treating Coronavirus in Sewage is becoming a highly researched topic at the moment,

We hope the outcome of this will allow us to help protect residents of Eastern Cape townships and informal settlements where raw sewage frequently runs freely in the streets.

Research into Coronavirus in Sewage

Other research also highlights problems with sewage contamination and Covid-19. According to research published in the leading medical journal, the Lancet, the possibility of faecal – oral transmission of COVID-19 has implications, especially in areas with poor sanitation where diagnostic capacity might be limited, such as Africa. They say that, overall, the provision of safe water, sanitation, and hygienic conditions can offer protection from any infectious disease, including COVID-19.

The research was conducted by Prof. A.M. (Ana Maria) de Roda Husman, head of the environmental department at the RIVM National Institute for Public Health and the Environment Centre for Infectious Disease Control together with WIllemijn J Lodder also of the RIVM.

Another international study, published in the New England Medical Journal has shown that coronavirus could survive in the air for up to three hours, and on a plastic surface for three days.

Plastic and steel surfaces had a longer contamination window of the virus than cardboard, where it survived for up to 24-hours.

How Avantu Can Help Beat Covid-19

At Avantu we can help assist the prevention of transmission of Covid-19 in several ways.

We create beneficial bacterial and enzymes products that when released into sewage systems or overflowing sewage areas allow rapid dispersal of water borne diseases and the breakdown and liquefaction of organic solid matter, allowing sanitation systems to operate at full efficiency.

Additionally, we have developed a range of surface sprays, barrier creams and hand sanitisers that helps prevent the spread of coronavirus. These include Steriking Germ & Viral Killer Hand Gel – find out more by following the link.