Sterigate Back to School Covid-19 Campaign

Social distancing, sanitising and regular hand washing is helping to defeat the spread of Covid-19 in most parts of the world that have adopted these measures.

But governments are currently concerned about how they can return to the status quo without the number of Covid-19 cases increasing once more.

While we wait for vaccines to be developed it is our duty to keep a lid on passing on Covid-19 through social contacts.

Many states believe that a start can be made to getting their country back to normal by reopening schools as it appears that children are much less likely to suffer from Covid-19 than their parents and grandparents. Most cases of Covid-19 in children are mild, but they can still transmit the disease.

So, if children are going to be allowed to return, precautions must be taken to protect them, their teachers and other staff.

This is why at Avantu we have developed a campaign that aims to make all the schools in South Africa hygienically safe for all involved. This includes busses, ablution blocks and offices.

Here are the steps in our programme.

  • On arriving at school everyone will have their temperature checked with an infrared thermometer. Any with a temperature above 38° will be discretely isolated for symptom verification.
  • Every person will then go through our Walkway Sanitising misting passageway. This takes just two seconds during which they will be misted with our broad-spectrum microbial killer which has been proven to kill 99.9% of harmful germs in seconds.
  • Following this SteriKing Hand sanitiser will be applied to hands for ongoing protection and a SteriKing face mask put on.
  • In advance, all classrooms, ablution blocks and offices will have been sterilised with SteriKing Surface Sterilizer. This will be done on a daily basis to ensure they are deep cleaned, sanitised and safe.

Cleanliness & Hygiene Become an Important Lesson

Understanding hygiene at school will have a wider impact at home and in the community. Teachers will be promoting sanitation hygiene awareness while creating a healthy atmosphere for other lessons.

Our implementation plan has taken on board the importance of staff training to ensure sanitary safety in the school environment. This includes the training of safety marshals who will ensure the safety of each pupil at all times.

To find out more about our Back to School Programme contact us today. You can find out more about our company by following the link.

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