Our Garage Floor & Forecourts stain remover is extremely effective and safe for the environment and the user.

HydroKing is the King of Biodegradation HydroKing. It is a liquid that manages the microbial degradation of petroleum hydrocarbons rather than using chemicals that cause damage when washed away into drains and eventually streams, rivers and oceans.

This microbial degradation is managed by our unique blend of biological enzymes and bacteria.

HydroKing rapidly removes and digests oil stains from surfaces such as concrete, paving stones, garage floors and forecourts as well as domestic driveways. It has rapidly been acknowledged as the most effective and safe-to-use product on the market.

We recommend keeping a sprayer filled with HYDROKING always at hand to maintain a spotless Forecourt.

In summary HydroKing:

  • Completely removes oil and fuel residue
  • Is a biological oil stain remover
  • Contains no toxic solvents or caustics, it is totally environmentally friendly
  • Rapidly removes and digests oil stains from hard surfaces and equipment
  • Allows nothing harmful to flow into drains
  • Is non-toxic and safe to humans, animals, marine life and plant life

For further technical information on HYDROKING, how to use it on Garage Floors and Forecourts and purchase it please click here.