‘Halifax septic haulers are running out of places to dump the waste that they extract from septic tanks as dumping sites struggle with capacity.’

A week ago this happened, published by CBC: “Septic hauliers in Halifax are running out of options for dumping their customers’ septic waste, leaving residents in an awkward situation. . . They’re having problems processing the volume of waste that they’re getting. . .”

I want to give Avantu a plug here.

With D-Day approaching for many septic tank owners, I’d like to point out that where pumping and hauling septic waste only moves it from one place to another, eventually heaping up somewhere, Avantu’s biological septic waste management products are the rescue for this situation as they will increase the breaking down process of the waste in the septic tanks and dumping locations by up to 65% and possibly even eliminate the need to pump out the septic tanks at all as long as the leech or drain field isn’t clogged with FOG (fats, oils, and grease).

If used correctly Avantu products will affordably rescue and keep septic systems functioning at optimal capacity so they can process the volume of waste entering the tanks and keep harmful contaminants from reaching groundwater and our precious Canadian waterways:

  1. LooKing placed in the toilet reservoir – beneficial biodegrading bacteria with every flush
  2. SeptiKing tablets flushed once per month – establishing a healthy bacterial population in the tank and breaking down blockages
  3. PitKing for emergency situations where you can’t flush – keeping the toilet contents biodegrading, liquid and preventing excessive odors and waterborne diseases until you can flush again
  4. SludgeKing for if there is sludge buildup in the system, accelerating the breakdown process from 54 days to 7 days in the case of anaerobic sludge
  5. FOGKing added to you washing detergents to break down FOG in you pipes and septic system and prevent buildup. Also used to unclog and prevent clogging of leech fields.

Avantu products establish and maintain a healthy biomass (population of natural, scientifically selected and highly active biodegrading micro-organisms) in the septic tank and leach field that will prevent solid waste buildup or excessive smells emanating from the toilets and septic system and ensure that wastewater reaching groundwater is safe for the environment.

Avantu also has products that will save the waste processing facilities and make them function much better so that they can more efficiently process the volumes of waste coming in.

Avantu has experience dealing with these sorts of emergencies and would encourage anybody who needs a consult to reach out to info@avantuglobal.com. All the products I mentioned can be purchased online at https://avantuglobal.com/shop/

Article by:

Dawid Burger

Dawid Burger

Sales Manager & Wearer of Many Hats @ Avantu Global Canada – Helping everyone to keep our waters clean