About us

water treatment.

Avantu is a South African company that sources natural based products that cater to the agricultural, mining, water treatment services, & leisure, equine and manufacturing industries, to remediate water issues, increase crop yields and repel irritating and harmful insects in a cost effective, eco-friendly, sustainable way.

We have scientifically chosen highly specialised bacteria from across the world to be the centre of our bio-augmentation process. These use blends of natural, harmless micro-organisms chosen for their specific abilities to vastly accelerate the biodegradation process of human, vegetable, animal, fibrous and hydrocarbon waste. We also utilise nanotechnology, developed and patented in Australia, and manufactured in South Africa as the basis of our nanotechnology premium pest repellent product line.

Amphiphilic technologically is used as a plant growth enhancer new to the horticultural and agricultural industry. The bio-catalytic composition of GrowthKing offers a revolutionary technology for the enhancement of the microbial health of soils and optimising the bioavailability of nutrients.

Current Water Treatment Methods

Current global water treatment for anaerobic sludge and contaminated bodies of water utilise chemicals or mechanical methods such as dredging and pumping.  Not only are these methods ineffectual, they are expensive and harmful to the environment.  At Avantu we have developed a unique biological natural solution to the global challenges of water remediation.