To meet or exceed water quality regulations for the Operation of Aquaculture establishments.

Maintaining optimum water quality for fish stocks is the most vital part of hatchery and breeding operations. AquaKing offers a completely non-toxic alternative to chemical treatments for water purification, simultaneously benefiting filtration system functions and water quality in fish tanks.

With the addition of AquaKing water treatment starts when and where organic pollutants are produced (in the fish tanks), offering superior water quality without infrastructure investments.

Improved available dissolved oxygen

  • Biological reduction of sulphides, ammonia, phosphorus and
  • Reduced stress on stocks
  • Enhanced bio-security
  • Reduced turbidity
  • Reduced phytoplankton growth
  • Oil and grease eliminated
  • Reduced pH fluctuations
  • Anaerobic zones are eliminated
  • Reduced pathogenic bacterial growth
  • Cleaner tanks or systems


The enzymatic catalyst technology of AquaKing is a powerful broad-spectrum biocatalyst that significantly accelerates the natural biological degradation rate of organic waste by up to 1000 times. Enzymatic catalyst formulations are based upon a composition that provides high oxygen transfer characteristics, and accumulation of greater dissolved oxygen in water bodies. Enzymatic catalysts have been extensively tested and show extremely good bio-aquatic safety to marine organisms and health of ecology. AquaKing is unique among water treatment products, AquaKing is not an enzyme in the conventional sense, not a bacteria, polymer or categorized as a traditional chemical. AquaKing has undergone extensive and independent testing, showing the highest safety for human, animal and marine life.

AquaKing is non-toxic, non-caustic, non-corrosive, non-irritating, hypoallergenic, bacteria-free, and biodegradable.

AquaKing safety profile provides significant competitive advantages against traditional chemicals or bacterial / enzyme products presently used in the aquaculture industry.


With the use of AquaKing, there is a reduced need for fungicides, detergents, disinfectants and many other chemicals often added to the water. AquaKing can also enhance the effectiveness of disinfectants and other chemicals greatly reducing the amount required.

Odour and taste of stocks will not be adversely affected by the use of AquaKing. Reduced organic pollutants, algae and reduced chemical requirements throughout the system is beneficial to overall health and provides a more natural environment that can offer superior flavour and odour in stocks.

With a considerable reduction of algae growth (metabolites produced by blue-green algae) unpalatable flavour and odour in fish such as catfish is greatly reduced or eliminated.

Some species are affected by organic pollution causing off flavour or odours when raised in ponds or closed containment systems. This can be greatly reduced or eliminated with the proper use of AquaKing.

Ammonia Toxicity

AquaKing improves the nitrification processes due to the oxygen demand required for oxidation of ammonia to nitrate. Ammonia oxidizing bacteria (Nitrosomonas) obtain their energy by oxidizing ammonia nitrogen to nitrite nitrogen and the nitrite oxidizing bacteria (Nitrobacter) by oxidizing nitrite to nitrate nitrogen.

The oxygen demand for complete nitrification is high as nitrifies are aerobic and adequate dissolved oxygen levels must be maintained to sustain nitrification. AquaKing has been shown to increase dissolved oxygen levels and lowers the transition of energy required for a catalytic reaction to occur.

Physiological responses to ammonia exposure are frequently exacerbated by low dissolved oxygen concentrations and or high pH; for salmonids acute toxicity is increased twofold when D.O. is decreased from 80% to 30% saturation.

pH greater than 9.6 has demonstrated to be lethal to salmonids and a pH over 8.5 could cause chronic stress and exhaustion. Thus, water quality factors may interact as fish stressors leading to increased susceptibility to stress, Immunosuppression, disease and even death.

AquaKing is an effective way to reduce toxins and pH fluctuations benefiting overall system performance and health of stocks.


AquaKing is a powerful broad spectrum bio-catalyst that works by accelerating the natural biological conversion rates used within the water treatment system by increasing dissolved oxygen (DO) concentrations in solution and enhancing gas transfer rates.

In municipal waste-water treatment systems AquaKing allows for faster and more complete biological reactions to occur throughout a number of key areas, thereby lowering aeration energy usage (up to 35%), reducing sludge volumes (up to 40%) solubilizing organic contaminates, substantially reducing Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), such as Ammonia, and providing overall improvements in Biological Nitrogen Removal (BNR).


AquaKing greatly benefits bio-filtration systems and simultaneously increases bio-security levels throughout the entire system.

Within established bio-filtration systems AquaKing will not strip away the biology established on the media it will simply refresh the media by reducing the old built up biology from surfaces offering a refreshed and more efficient system continually promoting new healthy growth.

Reducing maintenance and extending the operational life of the bio media system.


AquaKing will greatly enhance bio-security with the catalytic breakdown of organic food sources for bacteria and the degradation of bio-film protected bacteria that proliferate In organically-rich water that can potentially infect aquatic stocks. (The emptying and cleaning of grow-out tanks will also be reduced).

Fish are susceptible to a wide variety of bacterial pathogens. Many of these bacteria capable of causing disease are considered by some to be saprophytic in nature. This bacteria only become pathogens when fishes are physiologically unbalanced, nutritionally deficient, or other stressors such as poor water quality, low oxygen or overstocking, which allow for opportunistic pathogenic bacteria to proceed. AquaKing enhances bio-security by greatly improving water quality reducing environmental stressors that promote opportunistic pathogenic disease causing bacteria.

Primary or obligate pathogens – These are pathogens that are not part of the normal aquatic flora and are capable of causing disease in healthy individuals. Typically, Aeromonas salmonicida These are normally free-living, either in the water or on the fish, but are capable of adopting a pathogenic role under certain circumstances.

Many of these are saprophytes, normally living on dead organic matter such as plant and animal remains or faeces. Typically, Aeromonas hydrophilia, Pseudomonas and Vibrio. In organically- rich water there may be millions of these opportunistic bacteria in every litre of water, but under normal circumstances, they do not pose a threat to healthy fish. AquaKing will breakdown (FOG) Fats, Oils, Grease and organic matter beyond present Filtration systems ability offering an environment less liable to promote pathogen proliferation.