The Magic of Bioaugmentation

Biological augmentation is the addition of archaea or bacterial cultures required to speed up the rate of degradation of a contaminant. Organisms that originate from contaminated areas may already be able to break down waste, but perhaps inefficiently and slowly. Wikipedia

How Avantu Products ‘Pitking’, ‘Fatking’ & ‘LooKing’ work in the Septic Tank: –

  • the products are a combination of specially selected bacteria designed to breakdown
    sewage. The product has a high concentration of bacteria i.e. one billion bacteria per gram.
    So by applying these bacteria to a tank that is overloaded or congested they will rapidly
    convert the solids to water and carbon dioxide due to the large amounts of nutrients
    available to them.
  • due to the bacteria in the product being aerobic, anaerobic, and facultative anaerobic they
    adapt quickly to their environment and thrive in the tank and soakaway.
  • through applying a shock dose of bacteria, the schedule allows for maximum conversion
    of food to energy and reproduction, the population of bacteria in optimum conditions will
    reproduce as frequently as every twenty minutes.
  • the solids and fats in the primary and secondary chambers will be broken down and the
    soakaway will be decongested allowing percolation to continue. The final quality of the
    effluent is improved as the E.coli die off in a healthy environment when they can no
    longer compete for food, the levels of suspended solids, B.O.D. and C.O.D. are lowered,
    therefore Pitking and Fatking will prevent contamination of the ground water.
  • once the anaerobic sludge begins to biodegrade, the malodorous odour will disappear. This
    can be expected within the first 72 hours.

Hover over images to see results of Bioaugmentation after only 4 weeks.