FOG Disposal in Sewers & Grease Traps

FogKing for fat oil grease treatment
Fat, oil and, grease (FOG) deposits are a primary cause of blockage in sanitary sewer overflows (SSOs) and grease traps and create associated wastewater problems such as foul odours.

Removal of FOG from grease traps and wastewater is thus vitally important to make sure that wastewater is disposed of rapidly, efficiently and economically.

FOGKing is a scientifically developed supercharged catalyst designed to accelerate the biodegradation of in the of Fats, Oil & Grease in FATKing. It works by providing FATKing with a food source, allowing rapid:

  • Breaking down of anaerobic slime layers and grease clogging within fat traps and drainage systems
  • Elimination of grease layers in open drains by providing the FATKing bacteria with nutrients
  • Enhancement of the aerobic conditions in the fat trap, allowing increases in the uptake of dissolved oxygen (DO) levels, thus eliminating hydrogen sulphide gas formation

As a result, it reduces expensive pump out and disposal nuisance within municipal, industrial, and commercial wastewater treatment and collection systems. Together they provide a superior odour reduction and keep drainpipes clean.

What Happens When FOGKing Gets to Work

FOGKing cleaves the ester bonds to catalyse fats, oils, and grease wastes. This causes a rapid breakdown of the FOG lipids into a carbon food source for the FATKing heterotrophic microorganisms within the fat trap and wastewater treatment facility.

Clearing the FOG – Additional Information

FOGKing will provide superior odour reduction benefits within the collection and drainage system, grit chambers, residuals handling, as well as breaking down all the build-up inside the sewer pipes.

Biofilms are broken down, and surfaces, such as flooring and containers, will clean down deeply into their substrates, eliminating a source of odours, corrosion, and pathogens, that exist at the microscopic level.

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