Another revolutionary product from Avantu Global to help farmers, stables and others protect their horses and cattle from insects.

Protection for Livestock Using Nanotechnology

When used correctly, MozGo for Livestock Mosquito Repellent reduces mosquito and fly landings, lessening biting and feeding. It is long-lasting and helps prevent the spread of livestock-related diseases and conditions caused by mosquitos, biting flies and ticks.

mosquito livestock repellent.Protecting farmland and livestock from mosquito-borne disease is an important role in maintaining the food chain and your livelihood. Mosquitoes are much more than another farm pest, they are a menace to your health and your income.

Mosquito control is important because livestock that is persistently harassed by mosquitoes will not feed well. As a result cows and goats deliver less milk and may suffer weight loss.

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