pit latrine treatment pithing

PITKING is a pit toilet treatment powder made from a blend of bacteria and enzymes specially formulated to rapidly digest organic waste and reduce bad odours found in and around pit toilets, latrines and septic tanks. It’s safe for the environment.

Using PITKING ensures that organic matter is continuously broken down as well as preventing the generation of foul odours. You’ll discover that its regular use can prevent the pit from becoming full and help extend its life.

PITKING works in your pit latrine or septic tank by releasing beneficial bacterial and enzymes into it that are needed to help keep your sanitation system operating at full efficiency.

PITKING will also reduce the incidence of water-borne diseases and remove the foul smells that usually accompany raw sewage.

Additional Uses of PITKING

As well as being used in pit latrines and septic tanks, PITKING has also been effectively used in all types of municipal sewerage works. It has also been effectively used in the treatment of waste from industries which produce organic waste. Some examples of these are the wine, fruit processing and meat processing industries.

PITKING can also be used to establish a biomass in a wastewater treatment system or to enhance the biomass in an overloaded system.


The aerobic and anaerobic bacteria in PITKING have been specially selected for their superior biodegradation capabilities and include:

  • Amylase which enhances the breakdown of carbohydrates to soluble glucose molecules.
  • Glucanases which enhance the breakdown of glucose to CO2 and water.
  • Lipase which catalyse the breakdown of fats and oils to alcohol, fatty acids and glycerol.
  • Protease which split protein molecules into smaller units (peptides), which will be broken down by peptidase to amino acids.

These become active once added to water and begin secreting the extra cellular enzymes required for biodegradation. The free enzymes are included to initiate the breakdown process while the bacteria become acclimatised to their environment.

What’s more, anaerobic bacteria break down organics in environments even where there is little or no dissolved oxygen. This ensures a liquid state throughout the biological system.

Continued application of PITKING will ensure a high quality effluent, maintain liquefaction of organic solid matter and rapidly reduce offensive odours.

In 2012 the Human Settlements, Water and Sanitation Committee of the National Assembly reviewed PitKing and said that, “The government needed to make use of the best possible solutions to help the people of South Africa.” You can read the Committee Meeting Summary by following the link.


The dosing regimen of PITKING is depends on the nature of the waste, the volume and flow of the effluent and the concentration of pollutants in the waste water to be treated.

Initially, it is best to apply PITKING as a shock dose to kick start high biological activity. Thereafter, a regular dosing programme should be used to ensure ongoing biological activity is maintained.

PITKING is delivered in powder form. The bacteria has been freeze dried and must first be reactivated in clean water at between 25°C and 30°C. You’ll find it is most effective under the following conditions in the treatment system:

Temperature: 5°C to 40°C – pH: 5 to 9 – Metals:  none

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“We found that the toilets were overfull and solid and through the intervention of Avantu products the toilet was liquified and the level dropped…within one day the smell was gone.” Water Services Department, Sisonke District Municipality (now Harry Gwala District Municipality)