SteriKing Antibacterial & AntiViral Barrier Cream

Antibacterial & AntiViral Barrier Cream.While doctors and health professionals and the WHO recommend frequent washing of hands to help prevent viruses and infections, the overuse of soaps, detergents and alcohol gel can damage proteins in the upper layer of the epidermis (stratum corneum). They cause changes in the lipids or fats in our skin and prevents skin cells binding together appropriately.

As a result the skin is stripped of its natural oils and can become dry and irritated as it loses its ability to bind water together.

That’s why we created SteriKing Barrier Cream an Antibacterial and AntiViral broad-spectrum germ killer that has excellent antibacterial and antiviral properties. Because of its disinfecting properties, it is also an ideal SANITISER.

This makes SteriKing Barrier Cream one of two sanitisers on the market that is safe for TOPICAL use, the other is SteriKing Hand Gel.

SteriKing Barrier Cream perfect for skin care and protection, it is ideal for use as an all-in-one multi-purpose product as a hand sanitiser and general disinfectant and protector.

SteriKing Barrier Cream

  • Eliminates all known harmful bacteria and viral matter
  • Destroys Corona, Legionella, Salmonella, Cholera, E-Coli, Typhoid & Bilharzia
  • Prevents cross infection
  • Has been extensively tested and can be safely used externally

SteriKing Barrier Cream is the perfect travel companion for travel and is safe to use anywhere on your body, or on any surface.

How to Use SteriKing Barrier Cream

Apply a small quantity of cream onto hands and exposed areas of your arms. Rub gently onto  your skin and under the nails until it is fully absorbed. Repeat this procedure whenever hands are washed, ensuring all exposed areas are covered and therefore safeguarded.