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This Water Wise Toolkit has been developed by Sustainability Leadership in partnership with Avantu Global, a leading supplier of unique biological natural solutions for waste water and water remediation.

This resource aims to provide users with an easy to use and apply framework to help businesses identify, track and manage their water resources. This toolkit goes further than simply identifying areas for improvement, it provides recommended actions, products and explanatory notes to help businesses take action.

The Water Wise Toolkit follows on from Sustainability Leadership’s Water Framework, which is designed to be incorporated by SLP members into their greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory or added as a material topic in step 2 of the Sustainability Leadership Program.

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By joining the program you have qualified for free 30 minute call from Avantu Global to discuss challenges or issues you may have. You also receive a 5% discount on all Avantu Products.

Please feel free to fill in the form below with your questions and someone from Avantu Global will get back to you.

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