mozgo mosquito textile repellent treatment.

MozGo is a revolutionary mosquito repellent for fabrics making textiles resistant to mosquitos and driving them away. MozGo will reduce mosquito landings, mosquito biting and mosquito blood feeding drastically.

As a result, fabrics washed in MozGo will provide protection for humans wearing treated clothing, as well as table cloths, curtains, other household textiles, tents and sun shelters. The application of MozGo does not damage the original characteristic of the textile materials itself.

The fabrics will repel mosquito-borne diseases such as such as malaria, dengue fever (DF), dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF), yellow fever, chicken gunia, filariasis, West Nile Virus and Zika.

mozgo mosquito textile repellent treatment.These diseases are transmitted to humans via mosquito bites and prevention of these is one of the main tactics in controlling and minimising incidence of these diseases.

Repeated application of bug proofing is one way of dealing with the insects, although wearing clothing made from mosquito-repellant fabric is a lot more preferable. What’s more it is important to note that repellent applied to clothing normally retains its effect longer than one applied to the skin. You can read a news item about the product from Afrik-News by following the link.


  • Apply 1 by 30ml of MozGo to the rinse cycle of the washing machine, allow to dry completely then wear.
  • For treatment only soak up to 5kg clothing or fabric in a bucket of water containing 1 by 30ml sachet of MozGo for 20 minutes.
  • Hang out to dry and only wear when completely dry.

The nanotechnology used in MozGo ensures long lasting benefits lasting for many months despite frequent washes. It works by driving the mosquito away from the treated textile, or by knocking down the mosquito when it is in contact with the treated fabric.


MozGo mosquito textile repellent treatment uses non-toxic Nano technology and is totally harmless to humans.

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