Avantu is a South African company that sources natural based products that cater to the agricultural, mining, water management services, leisure, equine and manufacturing industries, to remediate waste water and water issues, increase crop yields and repel irritating and harmful insects in a cost effective, eco-friendly, sustainable way.

Our Target Market

Avantu’s target market is spread across the public and private sector and within a multitude of industries whose business has an impact on the environment and requires a clean way of improving this impact.

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To accelerate and encourage the bio-augmentation process the following
products have been developed

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  • PitKing
  • AgriKing
  • AquaKing
  • BioKing
  • FatKing
  • FogKing
  • GrowthKing
  • HydroKing
  • LiquidGold
  • LooKing
  • MozGo - Fabrics
  • MozGo - Livestock
  • MozKing
  • PestGo
  • SludgeKing
  • SteriKing